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Event Announcements:

One Life is holding a building competition for the chance to earn an unban key! Try your luck regardless of your building experience. Build either solo or with friends! You must read through the entire rules posted here and understand that the rules might change without warning. (The theme & deadline will not change)

- June 17th @ 11:59pm est

- Pirate related (ex. a pirate ship)

- No bigger than 32x32

TEAM RULES (if applicable):
- You may submit one build that was completed by a group of players. Decide on a team leader, this will be the player responsible for submitting the build. The player who submits the build will receive the unban key. Not everyone in the group will get an unban key, only 1 key will be awarded.
- You may help other players build, but if their build wins, you will not receive a key.

- The build must be submitted to Cakella through Discord messages BEFORE the deadline. Once you submit your build you will not be able to resubmit. Builds submitted even a minute after the deadline will not be considered to win.
- One submission/build per player. If you are in a team build you cannot also have a solo build.
- You can submit as many photos as you want, they must be without a resource pack. Shaders photos are not allowed.
- Submit a title for your build using the format provided (Title - [enter title here]).
- Submit a description (optional) for your build using the format provided (Description - [enter description here]).

- If building in resource you understand that other players can destroy your work.
- If you google a build design, you understand that other players might be replicating that one too. Remember, creativity is key to winning!
- If you show someone your build, you understand that they might copy your designs.
- If you win, a photo of your build will be shown on the website and in the discord.